Helping Entrepreneurs from Marginalised Communities to Create A New Future


Saraim is a voluntary organisation supporting startups and entrepreneurs from marginalised communities such as refugees, current and former prisoners, travellers or disability backgrounds in Ireland to create and grow their own businesses. Our website provides a comprehensive resource of information and tools to help you:

  • Learn from other startups from marginalised communities around the world through case studies on their success.
  • Understand sources of funding available to entrepreneurs from marginalised communities living in Ireland and what you need to do to maximise your potential for successfully securing funding from these sources.
  • Access free training courses and mentoring to help you build the knowledge and skillsets that you will need to create, build and grow a new business.
  • Download free tools, templates and checklists to build a business strategy, financial plan, marketing plan, and more.

Saraim was founded by Mike Kelly, an international entrepreneur for the past 20 years who has won multiple business awards and is a qualified Chartered Director. 

Mike Kelly, The Channel Institute

Mike has secured funding for a number of his own businesses through Enterprise Ireland's "High Potential Start-Up Unit" (HPSU), multiple Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs) and private equity firms. He is also on the panel of business mentors for Enterprise Ireland. Mike is available for free consulting and mentoring to help refugee entrepreneurs refine their business plans and strategy, secure funding, or help grow their business in any way he can. So get in touch!

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Certificate in Performance Management



Funding can be a tricky business. Government agencies, local authorities, angel investors and institutional investors all have different priorities and investment criteria.

We will help you build and customize business plans that address each audiences' unique needs so you have a greater probability of securing funds.


The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.” - Michael Porter

Vision, mission, strategy, objectives. Critical elements of a successful business that are often overlooked in the "noise" of daily activites. We'll help you get this right so you have a clear long-term path to your success.


Throughout this website you will find a library of resources to help entrepreneurs from marginalised communities in Ireland to start and grow their business. Everything is free, including the consulting. There are no hidden charges so please make the most of anything that you find useful here.

You will find resources available for each stage of your businesses' development. Case studies of successful entrepreneurs from around the world to inspire you if you do not even have a business idea yet. Free online training to help you develop the fundamental skills that you will need. Free templates and tools to guide you in developing business plans, funding plans, marketing and business strategies. 

We will regularly add more free resources so if there is something that you need and cannot find here, please let us know.


As a first step we highly recommend that you sign up for the VIFRE free startup training for refugee entrepreneurs. The VIFRE platform is an online business incubator that was developed to offer entrepreneurship education specifically for refugees in Europe. Ireland is one of three European countries that has made a significant contribution to the platform.

The platform consists of three main parts: a welcome package that presents the different programs (cultural and entrepreneurial) existing in Ireland, a legal advice section that helps you to discover the legal obligations in Ireland and a large content area that will help you to start, design and develop your entrepreneurial idea.

The name "Saraim" is derived from the Irish word "Sáraím" meaning to overcome, rise above or exceed. All of the things that refugee entrepreneurs need to do if they are to become successful business owners.